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Author’s photos and Staffie dog, Harvey.

One of the best things about dogs is that they help keep us ‘down-to-earth’ and at the same time, they show us how to lighten up, have fun and relax, and not take life or ourselves too seriously.

So here is a look at what my Staffie dog, Harvey, had to say about a life well-lived, (in his own words of course)

  • I live in the present — usually with the wrapper ripped off and a rope toy being throttled, but you can’t say I don’t have fun. Guess that’s why I’m a hot ticket.
  • When I’m in the big…

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Photo by Tyler Lillico on Unsplash

I wont be able to see you,
Not in Summertime,
mirrors or

And they don’t hold
stars in a sky
for the

We know it’s a problem,
That innocent

I wont be able
to smile at you softly,
And see what only
developed in

When the
moon was kinder
An all-forgiving wonder,
Instead of a Ruler
full of of righteous

You won’t be well enough
to spin me around,
Now I’m trapped in silence
by the artificial

For a stage that’s ready and no one cares about, Where actors are lonesome but truth can…

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Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

These days, it cannot be overstated that not paying attention in our own lives can end up being costly, and may have serious or far-reaching consequences for ourselves and/or other people.

However, assuming you have no brain disease or injury, you can make your own valuable time more enjoyable, rewarding and less confusing when you choose to focus your mind.

The Benefits of Paying Attention

  • When a person gives their full attention to anything, this assists their brain in retrieving the relevant information at a later date. Some people think they have a poor memory, but often it is simply that they were not paying…

America Zed

Survivor. Optimist. Compassionate Soul. Living in a Creative World ~ POETRY ~ SELF HELP ~ MUSIC. Twtr +Website @1AmericaZ

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