Poetry of hard times

Photo by Callie Morgan on Unsplash

Swallow the water,
Now at at the right
depth for you.

Swallow the water,
Clean where the blood
remains blue.

Let the free water
run into your heart,
Clear out the wound
Other spaces
that hurt.

Gulp down the water,
Let it clear blocks
in the veins,

And thin
your transgressor,
Gush through a drift
towards pain.

Swallow with no help
No heart from outside,
Wash all the overwhelm
out of this life.

Yield to the water,
Feel how the trauma
will move.

Gulp down the water,
Smile when the calmness

Drink up the clearness
and watch with your mind,

America Zed

Survivor. Optimist. Compassionate Soul. Living in a Creative World ~ POETRY ~ SELF HELP ~ MUSIC. Twtr @1AmericaZ +Website: https://www.solaceforthesensitive.com

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